This summer, enjoy free events in San Antonio at The Tobin Center.

If you are looking for rejuvenating and refreshing activities to do this summer in San Antonio without burning a hole through your pocket, then do check out the free events organized by The Tobin Center.

The performing arts center is a space that supports music, cinema and fun exercises for wellness which not only bring the local community together but also help participants to revive their spirits and heal, which has become all the more necessary in these times of the pandemic.

So, don’t forget to drop into some of the free events happening this summer at The Tobin Center in San Antonio that you and the kids at home can enjoy and participate in:

Fitness | InBalance Pilates free summer event

At this free community event in San Antonio, learn how to make your body movements fluid and agile.

Every fourth Saturday of the month, fitness expert and instructor Hope Pedraza will fill your mornings with some energetic movements that help to strengthen the body and improve flexibility. Her Pilates lessons will also have participants feeling more agile and focused in their approach to movement. In these sessions, the instructor will introduce you to some basic exercises that develop balance and posture and build a love for movement within you.

Meditation | Shambhala at the San Antonio space

A free meditation session will take you on an inward journey of peace and calm.

Linda Mockeridge of the Shambhala Meditation Center of San Antonio will take you through some guided meditations that are inspired from Buddhist philosophies of connecting with your inner self. Mockeridge herself has been meditating since she was in her teens and has taught meditation at several retreat programs and other spaces like prisons, juvenile facilities and senior centers. With this expert, go on a journey to the very center of your being in a very nourishing experience. This session will be hosted on every first Saturday of the month.

Catch Tom & Jerry this summer at The Tobin Center

Enjoy a screening of Tom & Jerry for free this summer at a movie night in San Antonio.

At the event Cinema on Will’s Plaza, bring your kids as well as your own lawn chairs and blankets, to enjoy a fun chase between our two favorite cartoons. Watch a chaotic battle ensue between Jerry, hiding at the Royal Gate Hotel and Tom, hired to whisk him away before a wedding of the century, on the center’s 32- foot LED video wall! Featuring Michael Peña and Colin Jost, Tom & Jerry is directed by Tim Story and is one of the biggest hits of 2021 so far.

Yoga | Mobile OM, a free summer event at this San Antonio center

Enjoy soothing yoga at this free summer event in San Antonio’s Tobin Center.

This community yoga event will be led by Cassandra who traded her corporate career to build a studio-less yoga center, quite aptly named, Mobile OM. Bring your own yoga mat and towel for a session with this yoga instructor and expert and embark on a journey towards creating a deeper connect with yourselves. In this morning yoga lesson, Cassandra will guide you through some asanas and exercises that will relax your muscles and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Drum Circle | TamboRhythms, an open for all San Antonio summer event

This drum circle at The Tobin Center is all about generating a harmonious, connecting rhythm.

Another exciting session that The Tobin Center will host this July is a drum circle in which attendants can actually pick up some drums and percussion instruments to create fun, upbeat rhythms. The drum circle will be conducted by the founder of TamboRhythms, Jorge Ochoa, an occupational therapist based in San Antonio. A drum circle promotes rhythmic expression while simultaneously having a meditative effect and is considered to be a form of meditation that helps you to relax and find your inner peace. This session will be hosted on every third Saturday of the month.

Attend Dancing | Belly Dancing with Karavan Studios this summer

Groove to the beats in this superbly guided belly dancing session.

Karen Barbee Adkisson, owner of the Karavan Studios will bring to you her stellar belly dancing skills in this session that breaks down movement and integrates an element of analysis to better understand the dance vocabulary. The instructor brings with her 30 years of dance experience and an expertise that will have participants grooving to musical rhythms in no time. This session will be hosted on every third Wednesday of the month.

*All the sessions will be conducted with social distancing norms in place.*

Please visiting Tobin Center for more details about these events.

All images in this article are courtesy The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

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