2021 is just beginning, and the Briscoe Western Art Museum is already off to a wild start. 

From now until February 3rd, the museum is proudly presenting its San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s Student Western Art Competition Exhibit. This fascinating display will include the work of this competition’s winners. Featuring 17 artists total, these talented students were chosen out of 94 school districts in 33 counties. 

Staying true to the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s aesthetic, these works carry the message of western heritage and all that it encompasses. Beyond the subject material of these pieces, this selection covers a wide variety of mediums, skill levels, styles, and more. 

In other news, the museum has decided to extend its “Locals Days!” The Briscoe Western Art Museum will continue to offer 50-percent off admission to Bexar County residents on the third Sunday of each month. Any visitors under 12 are always admitted for free.

Take advantage of this generous discount and check out one of the museum’s current exhibits before it closes! “VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art” showcases an array of artworks created by present-day Chickasaw creatives. This collection includes paintings, ceramics, metalworks, and more. This exhibit will close on January 18th. 

Whether you make it this weekend or not, the Briscoe Western Art Museum has plenty planned for the rest of the year. The organization is constantly updating, changing, and adding to its collection. As always, the criteria for selecting new work largely pertains to its relevance to western culture. The museum’s overall collection ranges immensely, from historic photographs to contemporary installations. This intention of variety shows the richness of Texas heritage and the expressions of it throughout the years. 

There are several ways to enjoy the Briscoe Western Art Museum, including virtual tours, online videos, musical bingo, scavenger hunts, and more! To learn more about this family-friendly arts environment, please visit the museum’s website