exempted activities san antonio

Since San Antonio put the Stay Home, Work Safe order in place, there’s been a bit of confusion on what San Antonio residents are allowed to leave their homes for. The city even held a Q&A to try to clear up what they mean when they say citizens can leave their home for exempted activities.

So what is an exempted activity? Here are 17 that we know for sure.

You can leave your home to:

  1. Obtain medical supplies.
  2. Visit a doctor or other healthcare professional.
  3. Purchase or pickup groceries, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies.
  4. Pickup alcohol at the liquor store.
  5. Shop for pet food or supplies.
  6. Purchase supplies necessary to work from home.
  7. Go running, walking, or cycling for exercise.
  8. To have your bike repaired.
  9. Go fishing.
  10. Go for a drive.
  11. Move to a new residence.
  12. Pickup or drop off children as part of a custody agreement.
  13. Pickup an animal at the local animal shelter.
  14. Visit a family member in their home.
  15. Purchase a car from a dealership.
  16. Get a tire change or have your car worked on.
  17. Perform work for an exempted business.

It’s important to note that during all activities, you should be sure to maintain proper safe, social distancing.

What happens if you leave your home for something that doesn’t qualify as a exempted activity? While the San Antonio order doesn’t specifically state, Bexar County issued an order that anyone caught in violation could face up to 6 months in jail or a fine of $1000.

However, in the recent Q&A about the order, city officials assured the public that SAPD won’t be pulling you over just because you leave your home and permission slips are not required. Instead, the city would focus on businesses that should be closed. That said, they may be looking out for proper social distancing.

Remember, gatherings of any kind consisting of anyone other than your own household or family is prohibited, whether in public or private.

Keep in mind, this activity list is not all-inclusive. If you have questions on what’s allowed, you should email CO******@sa********.gov or call (210) 207-5779.