Earth Burger: San Antonio's first and only fast food vegetarian restaurant

Back in the 90s I was vegetarian…for about a year. I just couldn’t hack it. I missed cheeseburgers too darn much. I finally gave up the veggie life when my friend (rightly) called me out for my closet burger binges. Now, the folks behind Green Vegetarian are giving me a reason to reconsider a vegetarian lifestyle, complete with “burgers” galore. This summer, they’re launching Earth Burger, San Antonio’s first and only plant-based, fast food restaurant.

I recently attended a complimentary preview tasting of the Earth Burger menu and I’m here to tell y’all, this is seriously delicious (and healthy!) fast food. I walked away completely stuffed (and, since that night, I’ve found myself impatient for Earth Burger to open).

The Earth Burger, a vegetarian patty on a whole wheat bun with secret sauce, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions with cheese in San Antonio

The Earth Burger menu is similar to what you’ll find at other fast food places, but the emphasis here is on great tasting, vegetarian food. In fact, everything at Earth Burger is actually vegan, except for the cheese you can add to any burger or sandwich. And, never fear, my gluten-free friends: Earth Burger plans to add at least one gluten-free bun option to their menu. For everyone else, the Earth Burger buns are the stuff of gluten-filled dreams: crisp and toasty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. No fast food bun can compete with these babies.


Here’s what I love about Earth Burger:

  • It’s fast and healthy. How often do you find yourself running around town in between meetings or running errands or taking the kids from one activity to another and wishing for a quick, healthy place to grab a bite? Earth Burger’s drive-through aims to serve healthy, fresh food in under three minutes. And, the Earth Burger patty has 61% less calories than the leading fast food restaurant.
  • Earth Burger is centrally located at the Park North Shopping Center near Blanco Road and 410.
  • Veggies! Not only will Earth Burger serve veggie burgers, fries, a “fish” sandwich, spicy chik-n sandwich, a delicious chik-n wrap, and other fast-food favorites, but also on the menu are kale salad, carrots with homemade hummus, and edamame.
  • Kids’ meals at a great price with food kids will love. At just $5 each, kids’ meals at Earth Burger include a juice or a drink, fries or apple slices, and a prize. Meal options include chik-n tenders, Earth Burgers, corn dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Although the Earth Burger I enjoyed was a tasty alternative to beef burgers, my favorite menu items were the “fish” sandwich (crispy breaded tofu “fish” fillet on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and tartar sauce) and the spicy chik-n sandwich (crispy breaded chik-n fillet on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and Sirracha mayo).

Earth Burger: San Antonio's first and only vegetarian fast food restaurant

If you’d handed this “fish” sandwich to me and I didn’t know it was vegan, I’d be completely fooled. Perfectly crisp breading, savory seasoning, and the right texture come together to deliver the best fast food fish sandwich you can imagine. Since the tasting, I’ve been craving this sandwich.

Earth Burger in San Antonio - fast-food vegetarian burgers and more

Earth Burger: San Antonio's first fast-food vegetarian restaurant

Curious about Earth Burger and want to know more? Visit their Kickstarter page to view a video with details from chef/co-owner Mike Behrend (one of the talented people behind the popular Green Vegetarian) and learn how you can get in on the Earth Burger action. Make a pledge and help this fantastic restaurant concept become a reality in San Antonio.

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