Dinosaur George Museum

Dinosaur George Museum: Image Courtesy – Traders Market

Dinosaur George Museum, from the famous self-taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist “Dinosaur George” Blasing, now has a permanent home at Traders Village in San Antonio. The museum is an exciting addition to Traders Village and has several unique and fascinating dinosaur fossils that will encourage tourists and parents to bring their children here.

The Journey of Dinosaur George Museum at Traders Village

Brian A. Billeck, Marketing Manager, Traders Village, San Antonio, said, “Dinosaur George started setting up his Traveling Museum at Traders Village last year when Schools moved to In-Home learning and events were going away due to COVID.”

Further, Billeck added, “since he could not take his Traveling Museum to the schools as he has been doing for many years, he brought it to Traders Village.  He had such a HUGE response from visitors that he began renting a unit at Traders Village.  But all his fossils were still waiting to be seen.  So, we began working with Dinosaur George to allow him a place to permanently set up an actual Dinosaur Fossil museum here at Traders Village.” Billeck considers the museum an added attraction to Traders Village.

Dinosaur George exhibit

Throughout the year, the museum will continue bringing unique items to its visitors. Dinosaur George will also broadcast his podcast live periodically from the store. One of the other best things about the museum is that it is free. So, parents and children can come, enjoy. That’s because, through the museum, Dinosaur George wants to nurture everyone’s love for DINOS. Besides, there will be many inexpensive toys, trinkets, fossils, gems, and merchandise for sale.

About Traders Village San Antonio

Traders Village is the largest flea market in San Antonio. It has been serving San Antonio for over ten years and the cities surrounding it. The market is open every weekend throughout the year, with free admissions and parking only $5 per vehicle. It operates from 9 AM to 6 PM, with peak shopping times from 10 AM to 5 PM, and is located at 9333 S Loop 410 at Old Pearsall Road. To know more about the market, click here.


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