recipes on PinterestAre you using Pinterest yet*? This hip, fun visual bookmarking site will suck more time from you than blogging, Twitter and Facebook combined. I could joke that it’s like crack but that’s not a fair comparison. It’s WAY more addictive than that.

recipes on PinterestOne of the boards I’ve set up on Pinterest is Eat it Up where I share and repin incredible-looking food. While I can’t cook to save my life (more like when I try to cook the lives of others are gravely endangered…), I can eat. And mama knows what looks and tastes good, y’all.

Lately I’ve become inspired by some of the recipes on Pinterest so I started looking for easy ones that even a kitchen dummy like me could try with little danger involved. My first attempt was this easy banana bread, no mixer needed (because how do you know which speed to use or which hook or whatever? Sheesh. You have to go to culinary school to learn to work those things.). The result was a delightfully semi-sweet banana bread that our family devoured for breakfast and snacks.

easy recipe banana breadThat gave me the confidence to attempt a more complicated recipe which included tossing some chicken into a crockpot and pouring in some BBQ sauce. Truth time: my husband handled this one because I can’t stand the idea of touching raw chicken. Disgusting! But, that’s what husbands are for. That and killing enormous bugs – I had that written into the vows. The chicken was good but it didn’t resemble the pic in the recipe. My husband pointed out that crockpot cooking can’t give meat the nice sears created by grilling but he lost me at “sears.” I haven’t shopped there in years.

pork loin Wanting to continue contributing to the family cooking workload I found another crockpot recipe, this time for pork loin. I reassured my husband that I could handle touching raw pork. If he provided gloves. Which is when he started the eye rolling. It’s OK. He had that written into the vows.

The pork is cooking away on low and doesn’t look appetizing right now. But there will be dinner. It likely won’t kill us. And I touched raw pork! All thanks to Pinterest.

* If you’re not on Pinterest yet and want to be, leave your email address in the comments and I’ll send you an invite.