Editor’s note: Unfortunately, this airshow has been postponed.

David Lee “Tex” Hill Airshow (with free admission!) is coming to San Antonio on July 25th, 2020. The David Lee “Tex Hill Airshow focuses on highlighting the life and prowess of David Lee “Tex” Hill, but also serves to educate, inspire, and honor a history of the past. If you love history or are looking for a fun and unique social distancing event to participate in during the month of July, consider the “Tex” Hill Airshow at the Stinson Airport.

David Lee “Tex” Hill was an American fighter pilot who was born in South Korea. His nickname during World War II and the Korean War was “Tex” he’s credited with 12 1/4 victories as a squadron leader with the Flying Tigers. He’s also credited with another six victories as an officer in the US Army Air Corps in World War II. He then retired as a brigadier general.

Because of his illustrious and accomplished history, the David Lee “Tex” Airshow exists to educate, present, and future generations about aviation history. inspires all ages to engage in the history of WWII and honor the legacy of David Lee “Tex” Hill.  Admission to the airshow is free.

Guests of the airshow will receive a brief history of David Lee Tex’s life and his impressive career of flying planes for the United States. Not only did David Lee Tex fly during World War II, he also flew during the Korean War and emerged out of both trying situations with valor and accolades.

The David Lee “Tex” Hill Airshow will also have battle reenactments so those who are watching can understand and experience what these historical battles may have been like. There will also be pyrotechnics to entertain the audience, the opportunity to ride in a vintage warbird plane, food to eat, and live music.

For more information on this exciting event, visit their website.