As football season quickly approaches, the Dallas Cowboys have formed an interesting partnership for the 10th year in a row. The Cowboys have teamed up with Texas Lotto to bring Texas Lotto and Texas Cowboy fans a fun and interactive experience for only $5. Texas Lotto and Dallas Cowboys have partnered to create their newest scratch-off ticket game that was announced on Monday, August 17th.

The new $5 ticket game will offer five top prizes of $100,000 if a scratcher wins and many other cash prizes that come to over $30 million. The overall odds of winning this scratch-off game is one in 3.82, including break-even prizes. The new ticket game came out yesterday and is officially sold wherever you can find Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets.

Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery comments “We are excited to team up with the Dallas Cowboys to generate funding for public education through the launch of the new Cowboys scratch ticket game. This year’s game will once again provide unique second-chance prizes and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our players.” Since the cowboys first began their scratch tickets, the lotto games have brought in more than $314.8 million in sales and $65.3 million for education in Texas.

Jerry Jones comments that “It is truly special to partner with a great organization like the Texas Lottery that not only helps us provide great experiences to our fans but moreover our co-branded Cowboys Scratch Ticket will aid in supporting the future of our great state by giving back to Texas Education. The Texas Lottery partnership allows us to reach Cowboys fans all across the state for a chance to join us in experiences; at the Draft in the War Room, here at Training Camp, Win Season Tickets, or view a game from a Luxury Suite at AT&T Stadium.” As the partnership continues, hopefully, the two will be able to continue funding Texas education.