Update: Judge Wolff and Mayor Nirenberg have walked back this order, changing it to a “recommendation.”

“We had a number of businesses and others talk to us about what that requirement would do, and the practicability of it that was difficult to comply with in the short term, so we’ve made some changes to the requirement, but not to the objective,” Nirenberg said.

Following Judge Wolff’s mandate that local businesses must require customers to wear face coverings, businesses located in Bexar County now have two new requirements: they must check the temperatures of all customers and ask them pre-screening questions. This will also apply to employees as well, and takes place July 2nd.

“Our hospital capacity could run out within the next week or two if we keep growing like this,” Judge Wolff said. “So, we’re adding a couple of more safe guards to it [the executive order].”

Judge Wolff also included an addendum to prohibit gatherings of 100 or more in advance of 4th of July weekend. This applies to zoos, aquariums, sporting events, amusement parks, and more.

The judge believes the addendum falls in line with Governor Abbott’s rules.

“He allowed the term health protocols, you might recall, and we jumped on the face masks right away,” Wolff said. “So we’re adding two more to that, that’s the temperature check and the asking questions when they come in.”

There are a few exceptions to the rules. These include youth camps, childcare services, religious services, government operations, and Homeland Security operations.