coschedule review

There are highs and lows to running your own successful content-driven website. If you run a WordPress blog or website, you might find that CoSchedule makes your job a lot easier. We use it here on our site for plenty of different things. From social media campaigns to planning posts through the drafting to publishing stages. Based on the number of things we use CoSchedule for, it would be incredibly difficult to function as well as we do, without it. If you’re a blogger like me and are interested in the finer details of CoSchedule, keep reading to learn more.


CoSchedule Basic Details

CoSchedule offers a variety of features that will allow you to remain organized and on track. Here are the basics of what CoSchedule can do:

  • A complete all-in-one editorial calendar
  • Sync to your WordPress
  • Assign posts and various tasks to your staff
  • Organize your publishing schedule
  • Create drafts for all new articles
  • Schedule and monitor social media posts
  • Use filters for specific tasks or manage the entire calendar
  • Much More!

In other words, CoSchedule offers you a single place to plan and organize your production schedule from ideas to social media scheduling. Many of the hassles you may have experienced with running a content-driven website will be removed. It’s a great option for any webmaster, but it is most helpful for someone working within a team.


How CoSchedule Works

CoSchedule and WordPress work hand in hand. After uploading and installing the CoSchedule plugin you will be able to use your website and the CoSchedule web app, simultaneously. This gives you two choices when it comes to managing your team and analyzing the progress of your content. You can create WordPress posts in your WordPress like normal or you can schedule them in your CoSchedule calendar.

On CoSchedule, the overview section will give you a clear look at upcoming projects. You’ll see what’s been done and what needs to be done for the next few weeks. You can alter this view to suit your needs if you’d like your overview to appear another way.

Setting your schedule has never been easier than it is with CoSchedule. The administrator has the ability to create posts right in CoSchedule. Once created, they can list specifications to be done, before assigning the posts. Posts can have multiple people working on them and you can set those assignments easily. For example, let’s say you’re creating a post and you want to handle all the keywords and SEO for that post. You can assign that portion of the work to you and assign other team members to writing, editing, publishing, and social media campaigns. What your post needs and who does it is completely customizable to suit your needs. Everything is able to be done and modified through CoSchedule.


How We Use CoSchedule on Our Site

We use CoSchedule for all phases of content creation. Rather than relying on spreadsheets, random documents, an overabundance of emails, and chat programs, we now look to CoSchedule. Now we just use one web application in place of what used to be a variety of necessary programs and applications.

Like many content creators, we plan our content a few weeks in advance to keep things flowing smoothly. We create drafts through CoSchedule and then we are able to assign various tasks like writing and editing to other team members. We are able to manage all of the progress through our overview, so we always know what phase a project is in.

As our writers and content creators progress and publish the content, we know what has been done. Later we’re able to analyze the performance based on user engagement and other factors. Team members can leave questions or comments on their assigned tasks, making CoSchedule a helpful communication tool, as well. Instead of assigning a task and then waiting for a response to an email about something, everything can be done from the same application.


Closing Thoughts on CoSchedule

CoSchedule is highly recommended for growing and established sites with multiple content producers working together. Smaller sites and solo operators will likely be able to manage without it. However, if you’re working with or managing a team, CoSchedule will allow you to take the pains out of content creation. CoSchedule is a remarkable tool that can make your job much easier.