Comfort Café has begun to crowdfund to keep their business open. Comfort Café is not the only business that has been accepting donations amidst times of COVID-19. It’s rare to find a person, or business that has remained untouched by the economic realities, brought on by the coronavirus, that saturate the year 2020. The café used to be of the pay-what-you-can varietal that donates funds to Serenity Star’s organization that specializing in addiction recovery and provides addicts with transformational education and information.

However, the café’s fundraising directions have changed according to a GoFundMe campaign that reads, “Covid has severely limited our ability to fundraise through our two restaurants, which is what keeps Serenity Star accessible to those in need. During these times, our cafés have been closed, limited to curbside/takeout, and only open at a very limited capacity to do our part to keep our communities safe.”

The eatery is now asking for donations to support the mission of providing recovering addicts with programs that range from six-month to one-year for all those who struggle with substance abuse. Before the pandemic hit, Serenity Star had purchased more property in hopes of opening a second recovery location. This new site will be equipped with recovery programs, family support, peer counseling, yoga, community living, and more for those who are searching for sobriety.

For those interested in donating, the GoFundMe campaign is still in full swing and has collected more than $15,000 since its inception about a month ago. Furthermore, you can also visit Serenity Star’s Comfort Café, with locations in San Antonio and Smithville. The menus boast breakfast selections like stuffed pancakes, waffles, French toast, crepes, and omelets as well as lunch options. Each member of the café staff is in a personal recovery program through Serenity Star as well.

San Antonio’s Comfort Café is open Thursday through Sunday, from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. The restaurant is providing customers with takeout service, and only accept cash and checks as payment.