Free guacamole? You had me at guacamole. America’s favorite burrito shop Chipotle is offering free guacamole to high school students throughout Texas during STAAR testing. If you’re going to have to sit through hours of standardized test after standardized test, you might as well do it with guacamole on your shirt.

STARR testing can be a stressful time for high school students. The tests are given each year to determine what students are learning in each grade and measure how ready students are for the next grade level. While the goal is to ensure that all students are receiving the same skills and knowledge to be academically successful, these tests are often a source of anxiety. You know what is proven to cure anxiety? A free cup of gooey green guacamole. Seriously, who doesn’t love free guacamole?

All of that free guacamole could end up helping Texas students perform their best on the STAAR tests. Avocados, the chief ingredient in guacamole, is full of vitamins and minerals like potassium and heart-healthy fatty acids which help students have enough energy for their all-day testing.

The free guac at Chipotle will be available from 2:00 pm on Monday, December 3rd through Wednesday, December 5th. All high school students have to do is visit any Chipotle location and show their ID at the register in order to get a free serving of guacamole.