Children's Hospital of San Antonio opens two newly renovated floors to patients this week

Parents want the best for their children in every way. But I think we’d all admit that the quality of our children’s health, and the care they receive when they’re sick, is of utmost importance. That’s why parents across San Antonio are thrilled that Children’s Hospital of San Antonio is here in our community. Finally, San Antonio has a stand-alone, world-class children’s hospital dedicated to the specialized care kids need.

Along with a group of San Antonio mom bloggers, I attended a lunch to meet the hospital’s new president, Elias Neujahar, and to learn about the opening of two newly transformed floors of the facility opening to patients this week.

On Thursday, October 23, the 8th floor opens to hematology and oncology patients. And on Monday, October 27, the 9th floor opens to special medicine patients. 

The floors include 40 new, private rooms, family lounges, high-tech nurses’ stations, and a distinct San Antonio feel. Each floor celebrates the ‘Spirit of the River’ with its own distinct color and artwork to help patients navigate the Hospital.”

Pretty patient rooms at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio

The rooms at Children's Hospital of San Antonio provide views of downtown

The hospital is open while construction is ongoing, with 350 contractors on site. Four new floors are scheduled to open by January, 2015, with the majority of all patient care areas open over the next 24 months.

Other important features about San Antonio Children’s Hospital:

  • The coordination of care for patients is key to the hospital’s approach: CHofSA aims to have just one medical record per patient that can be shared electronically between the pediatrician and the hospital (no more carrying around bulky folders filled with your child’s medical records).
  • A teaching kitchen, being built on the 1st floor, will teach children and adults how to create healthy, reasonable meals. This kitchen is the first of its kind. This video provides details:
  • Children’s Hospital of San Antonio also branches out into our communities, with clinics across town (Westover Hills Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Specialty Clinic, Centro Med, Little Spurs) and affiliations with (and acquisitions of) local pediatric groups (including Tejas Pediatrics, Children First Pediatrics, Alon Town Centre, and Northwest Pediatrics).
  • 10 resident slots are available at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to train the next generation of pediatricians. So far, 799 physicians have applied for those 10 slots! The program starts July 2015.
  • 150 pediatric specialists have already been recruited for the hospital.
  • Clinical Research will take place on site through a relationship with Baylor.

Want to see what the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio will look like when it’s completed? CHofSA dropped the tarp on the section that faces Commerce. Drive by for a peek. For more information and updates on the construction, please visit Children’s Hospital of San Antonio on Twitter and Facebook.

Exterior view of the Children's Hospital of San Antonio

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San Antonio mom bloggers visit Children's Hospital of San Antonio which opens two new floors to patients this week