Catholic Charities is providing free tutoring and help for SAISD students that may not have access to the technology necessary for remote learning. As school years begin again, many districts are struggling to juggle the pressure of keeping students and teachers safe, while also making sure students are learning. Many students are doing a hybrid form of learning after September 8th, while many will attempt a completely digital learning experience. As many districts across the nation try their hand at digital learning, there are students across the city, state, and nation that are not equipped to engage in remote learning.

Catholic Charities saw a problem and decided to offer a solution. The well-known and industrious charity is offering a free of charge distance learning program for students who attend a school in San Antonio ISD and need assistance with remote learning. The program is in session from Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, or what normal school hours would be, sans pandemic. The program will meet at the Guadalupe Community Center at 1800 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.

To ensure that students are given the tools to succeed and supervision to succeed during distanced learning, students will be given their own table, iPad, headphones, face masks, and hand sanitizers. By socially distancing students and also setting them up with the necessary tools to succeed, Catholic Charities hopes to support students to learn well during this strange time.

The Guadalupe Community Center staff has also agreed to donate their time to make sure that the students are following appropriate guidelines to stay safe and healthy while also accomplishing their school work. In an unprecedented time, many organizations, charities, staff members, and individuals around San Antonio have stepped up to devote their time and talents to help those affected by the pandemic. Catholic Charities is one such organization.