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I’m a SeaWorld Wildside blogger. I receive complimentary passes for my family and other perks throughout the year. All opinions are mine.

My kids are SeaWorld kids through and through and they have been since before they could walk. Forever fascinated by the ocean and the myriad of creatures in it, I’ve always wanted to introduce my children (now 7 and 10) to the wonders of the sea.

SeaWorld's holiday Buy One, Get One Free deal for annual passes and Fun Cards!

Woven into the fabric of our family history, as much as soccer games, ballet recitals, and holiday gatherings, our trips to SeaWorld and the amazing animals we’ve met there top my kids’ lists of the best things about living in San Antonio.

SeaWorld makes meeting (and learning about) so many different animals possible

As a family we’ve experienced joy, delight, and surprise during our visits to SeaWorld. But we’ve also learned so much. We’ve discovered that orcas live in a matriarchal society. We found out that beluga whales are not confrontational and are often referred to as the canaries of the sea because of the way they use specialized clicks to communicate. We know how to tell the difference between seals and sea lions (sea lions have visible ear flaps and seals don’t!). We’ve watched rescue animals – a bevy of dogs, cats, ducks, doves, rats, pigs, and even a skunk, which society gave up on and said could never be trained – perform an absolutely incredible, jaw-dropping show together called Pets Ahoy.

Jaw-dropping shows and learning about exotic animals makes our visits to SeaWorld special

SeaWorld taught us to become conservationists

We’ve met orcas, sea lions, armadillos, sharks, tortoises, so many different kinds of birds, stingrays, lemurs, boa constrictors, walruses, otters, fish, penguins, and even hissing cockroaches! We’ve seen every SeaWorld show and ridden (most of!) the wild roller coasters and water rides and slides. Over the years, we’ve celebrated Halloweens, Christmases, Spring Breaks, and summers at SeaWorld Texas.

But, most importantly, my kids have learned compassion, kindness, and true devotion by meeting with and watching the SeaWorld animal care team, comprised of trainers, caretakers, and veterinarians. Caring for and nurturing the animals in their charge is much more than a job to these dedicated, highly educated, and committed group of individuals.

Every time we meet SeaWorld’s team members, we leave the park forever changed. We’re now avid conservationists. We understand why we need to protect our environment, what we can do to help, and how important that effort is to the animals in the wild as well as the animals SeaWorld serves. And we never stop learning about these unique, exotic, one-of-a-kind animals that, without SeaWorld, we would never have a chance to meet in person.

Did you know? SeaWorld has rescued more than 26,000 animals during its 50-year history!

Learning about ocean animals at SeaWorld Texas - one of our favorite things to do as a family!

Free SeaWorld annual pass or Fun Card when you buy one

This holiday season, when we talk about giving our children the gift of experiences, rather than things, consider giving them the whole ocean, right here in their own backyard. From now through December 31, when you buy a SeaWorld annual pass (which includes free parking, discounts, bring-a-friend tickets, and other perks) or a Fun Card, you’ll get one for free. And, you’ll also get three additional months for FREE! With the annual pass deal, that means for just $124.75, TWO people get admission to SeaWorld AND Aquatica with free parking for 15 months!

Free SeaWorld annual pass or Fun Card when you buy one!

New at SeaWorld Texas in 2016

One of the biggest reasons to be an annual pass holder in 2016? SeaWorld Texas will open a brand new feature: Discovery Point.

Discovery Point and its centerpiece, Dolphin Lagoon, is a new coastal-themed habitat that will provide a multi-dimensional experience for guests and nearly doubles the size of the previous habitat…Discovery Point will serve as the hub through which guests can swim with dolphins, sea lions and beluga whales.”

SeaWorld continues to inspire children and adults, alike, to create a new generation of conservationists who understand the value of learning about and protecting our planet’s amazing and wonderful sea life.

Give your family the gift of incredible experiences you can enjoy together all year long.

Buy one, get one free annual passes and Fun Cards to SeaWorld Texas!

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