When San Antonio summer temperatures reach up into the 100’s and stay there for weeks, it can be tough to find ways to keep kids entertained – especially without breaking the bank. If your kids have already gotten bored around the house while waiting for school to kick back in, luckily San Antonio’s own The DoSeum has you covered. This Saturday, August 4th, The DoSeum is opening its doors to welcome kids and their grown-ups to a new special exhibit called “Your Future You,” an all-day exhibit to invite kids to celebrate their dreams and envision their possible futures. It’s the perfect thing to do in San Antonio this weekend. What does your future hold at The DoSeum?

At “Your Future You” kids and grown-ups will be able to make their dreams for tomorrow a reality. The entire museum will transform into Your Future City and welcome an enormous interactive time machine that will send DoSeum visitors into a future of their own design.

Your Future You features exhibits designed to let kids try on different future roles for themselves through trying out different careers and living out their dreams for the future. Each of the different areas of the exhibit will focus on different areas of future living: transportation, education, community, the arts, nature, health, safety, and culture. Each of these areas will have their own hands-on activities led by The DoSeum staff and community partners to help kids practice different skills which will help them make their dreams a reality.

Kids at Your Future You will be challenged with different creative and imaginative tasks to pretend, design, make, predict, and plan for their futures. At the completion of each challenge, kids will receive a unique artifact from the future to remind them of their goals and that a better future is always within their grasp.

Your Future You will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at The DoSeum, 2800 Broadway Street.