Image credit: Breezy Winds Cakery

Breezy Winds Cakery made a ramen cake that will blow your mind. One of the more unexpected quarantine trends, aside from toilet paper being treated as currency, is that many bakeries and cakeries have taken to creating desserts that look more like art than something edible. Breezy Winds Cakery proved themselves as formidable opponents in this challenge with the advent of their shockingly realistic, but ever so tasty ramen cake. The co-owners of the cakery and twin sisters Danea and Daena Arre got the chance to really flex their uniquely creative muscles when a customer ordered a challenging, and also very unexpected ramen-inspired cake.


The sisters and chefs explained that they are always up for a culinary challenge, so they agreed to make the cake. The end result of the client’s specific birthday cake order was an incredibly realistic jumbo cup of Maruchan Instant Lunch Hot & Spicy ramen noodles, that came with chopsticks included, all created from cake and icing. The two Danea and Daena explained that “Making custom cakes is just one of the ways we’re able to show our creativity,” the sisters said. The entire cake, from the ramen packaging label, to the noodles, is completely edible.

Once the cakery began promoting their work of art, they report receiving many requests for things of similar design. It’s clear that San Antonio is not immune to the popular and strange masterpieces that baking artists are creating during the pandemic. The Ramen Cake is an 8-inch dessert that can serve between 10-18 people. Other similar designs start at $65.


For those who have a special event, socially distant party, or a birthday coming up and are interested in joining in on the cake art craze, Breezy Winds Cakery is available via Instagram, by phone at 210-801-4467 or by email at br***************@gm***.com for orders to be placed.