Boiler House Drinks

Image Credit: Boiler House

Restaurants all across the nation are beginning to sell at home cocktail and cooking kits and Boiler House at The Pearl in San Antonio, Texas is no exception. Situated in one of the popular night-life areas of the city, this well-known Houston based eatery, Boiler House Grill and Wine Garden has jumped on the COVID cooking bandwagon to provide customers will a collection of make-it-at-home kits that come with recipes, premade ingredients, and even cocktails.

Executive Chef Jarrad Gwaltney created the kits with the idea of at-home cooking in mind. Each kit will come with step by step instructions along with all the things you’ll need to make a delicious home-cooked meal with professional ingredients. A few kits include appetizing sarsaparilla flank steak, classic margarita on the rocks, and even instructions to make the coveted Boiler House old fashioned.

Beyond that, there will also be instructional videos posted on social media to guide dedicated craft cocktail and cooking apprentices through the steps. As restaurants across the nation, including the ones in San Antonio, begin to shift gears and encourages patrons to pick up their delectable food and prepare it themselves, they create a creative way to attract business in the midst of the pandemic, while still honoring health and safety regulations that promote social distancing and staying at home.

Boiler House Grill and Wine Garden will offer three kits for sale, starting on August 12.

  • A $20 cocktail kit, which makes two craft cocktails
  • A $25 happy hour kit, which includes two craft cocktails and a snack
  • A $58 entrĂ©e kit, which includes two servings of an entrĂ©e and sides; additional servings are $29 each

Each kit will be available through an online order or by calling the restaurant to place your order. The restaurant  is located at 312 Pearl Parkway, Building 3, in the Pearl retail complex in San Antonio, Texas.