Boerne ISD has recently come forward with an update for Fall 2020 school year plans. Governor Greg Abbott announced on June 18th that Texas schools can reopen to in-person and distance learning in the fall.

Boerne ISD has formed several committees to put plans into place to ensure that students, families, and teachers alike are operating in the safest and most effective environment possible, given the circumstances. School is scheduled to start on Wednesday, August 12, with more information being announced in the coming weeks. The Boerne ISD update does its best to explain to parents and students what school beginning in the fall will look like.

Boerne ISD also realizes that some families are perhaps not comfortable sending their children back to an in-person school setting as soon as August. To serve students and families, Boerne ISD is offering distance learning through the Boerne E-Learning opportunity.

The Boerne E-Learning opportunity will provide students with a distance learning experience that will strictly abide by the Boerne ISD curriculum and will be taught by Boerne ISD teachers. Students will be able to attend live interactive online classes from Monday through Friday during normal times. (Elementary, 7:30 am-3 pm, Middle and High School, 8:30 am-4 pm).

The Boerne ISD update also explains that parents need to enroll their children in the Boerne E-Learning Option or select the traditional schooling option through their Skyward Family Access account.

Selections will begin on Wednesday, July 15th, and close on Wednesday, July 22nd. Families of Boerne students will also receive additional information about each option prior to selecting which option your student will be involved in.

Here are some details about The Boerne E-Learning opportunity:

  • Students will have to make daily progress to gain credit.
  • Students will abide by the 90% rule for attendance to gain credit. Truancy rules will apply.
  • Grades will be administered according to the same guidelines for in-school instruction.
  • Certain electives such as welding or culinary arts will not be available online.
  • Students enrolled in the Boerne E-Learning Option do not have access to extracurricular activities.
  •  Mandatory school supplies will be required for students who choose the Boerne E-Learning option.
  • Students will be required to participate in all state and district assessments.

To learn more about the Boerne ISD E-Learning option, click here.