The Big Give SA

Working at the San Antonio Symphony in the early 90s gave me a soft spot for nonprofits. When you witness, firsthand, the devotion nonprofit employees bring to their cause, you can’t help but be impressed. As part of the Symphony’s marketing staff, I worked alongside dedicated professionals and professional musicians who worked tirelessly to bring quality music to the masses. We worked long hours (often for lower-than-average-salaries) to get the word out about San Antonio’s world-class orchestra. We welcomed school children to performances at low or no cost, introducing them for the first time to the wonders of classical music. We took this thrilling live music experience on the road to areas of town never before exposed to anything like it. But we never did it alone. Donors made the difference. Like nearly all nonprofits, the San Antonio Symphony needs a steady stream of donations from generous supporters to do its important work.

Nonprofits are the lifeblood of a community, providing vital services and assistance to people (and animals!) in need. Some local nonprofits stir our souls with artful performances, while others astonish us with bold initiatives that take on daunting tasks like ending child abuse.

Many of us already donate to nonprofits throughout the year. But each spring, The Big Give S.A. brings us together in a spirit of fun, generosity, and competitive sportsmanship to help local nonprofits raise more money. By giving to nonprofits on this special day, we help them accomplish their goal – the same goal that aligns with ours: making San Antonio (and surrounding counties) the best place to live.

What’s the big deal about The Big Give S.A.?

The Big Give S.A. takes place next Tuesday, May 3. This third annual “charitable holiday” encourages San Antonians and South Central Texans to donate to their favorite local nonprofits over the course of 24 hours. This year, The Big Give S.A. provides more than 1,050 nonprofits from 14 counties with the ability to raise funds for the work they do in our communities.

Why competitive sportsmanship?

When you donate to your favorite nonprofits on May 3, you’re also giving them the chance to receive matching funds, qualify for prize incentives, and win other contests. All day during The Big Give S.A. watch the Leaderboard to see how many donors and how much money your favorite nonprofits are earning. The more unique donations they receive, the better their chances for winning additional funds.

What’s this year’s Big Give S.A. goal?

During the first Big Give S.A. in 2014, the goal was to raise $1 million but San Antonians and South Texans are generous and they’ve continued to beat each year’s goal. This year, the event’s third, the goal is to raise $6 million.

How can you participate?

On Tuesday, May 3, between midnight and 11:59 p.m., make a donation (or several) to the participating nonprofit(s) of your choice. The minimum donation is $10 and there is no maximum. You’ll find a complete list of participating nonprofits and their descriptions on The Big Give S.A.’s website (where you’ll also make your donations).

Free fun with The Big Give SA

You can also join in on The Big Give S.A. fun by attending a nonprofit’s special event or party happening that day.

Participating nonprofits will host more than 50+ free events on May 3 to generate excitement about giving to their causes.  To find out what your favorite nonprofit’s doing on May 3, visit their website and/or social media channels (you’ll find links to these on each nonprofit’s description page on The Big Give SA website).

Which is better: donating a lump sum to one nonprofit or giving smaller amounts to many?

It’s totally up to you! But remember, the more unique donors a nonprofit receives on May 3, the better their chances are to win additional prize money. And, The Big Give S.A. is a great day to learn about nonprofits that are new to you. Consider donating to one or more you haven’t heard about before. In 2014, 41% of the 21,000+ donations made were from donors who were brand new to the organization!

How you decide to donate to The Big Give S.A. isn’t what’s important. Giving (even as little as $10!) is what it’s all about.