As businesses begin to reopen it’s becoming more important than ever to consider staffing issues. If you own a business that was closed due to COVID-19, it’s possible that you have some open positions at work.

One of the safest and easiest ways to fill those positions is going to be online. Online job boards allow you to post what you’re looking for and go about your day. Prospective employees will come to you and you can go from there.

It’s a simple process, but not all job boards are made the same. So, if you’re looking to dive into the online job pool, here are the sites where you should consider posting your job listings.


ZipRecruiter is here to ensure that all your hiring needs are handled in a streamlined fashion.

You can create a job posting in minutes. Once it goes live, you’ll be able to reach millions of people. Your job is posted on the ZipRecruiter website, but it’s also posted on more than 100 other job sites.

You can use pre-screening questions to narrow down the applicants you receive so you attract more qualified candidates.

Other features include promoted listings through email alerts, resume sorting, flexible job posting, and more. All of the features are here to ensure that you have the easiest time filling any option positions you have.

Packages can be customized to ensure that you’re paying for the services you’ll need the most. There’s even a 4-day trial to allow you to try ZipRecruiter before you commit financially to your package!



Indeed is another great option.

The main pull here is that you can use this service completely free if you want. Your job can be posted within minutes. Company pages are also available. Potential employees can perform skills testing to help you find the top candidates for your job. Your job listing is only posted on Indeed, though with millions of users, you still have a very good chance of finding the right people for you.

You can also opt to purchase some of the paid services that get you things like enhanced, sponsored listings that get your job to the top of the job search and more!


Career Builder

Career Builder might seem like a basic job posting site, but it’s actually one of the most visited websites in the United States. This means it’s a great place to potentially find the right employees for your company. Pricing is dependent on your needs. You can purchase job postings in bulk in order to get better prices. This won’t make a difference if you’re only trying to fill one spot, but if you’re a larger company that has constant staffing needs, this can save you quite a bit of time and money.



Nexxt serves more than 50 million job seekers in their quest to find a new job. Most employers report 15 applicants for every job posting, though some receive more. Nexxt is a name most job seekers know because it’s been around since 1998. All pricing for employers is subscription based. You’ll choose the right subscription, starting at under $200 per month. Nexxt offers SmartMatch and other tools to help employers and employees connect with the best chance of success.


Monster is a brand that is well known for both job seekers and employers. You can find and post a job in various sectors. Pricing is based on the number of job postings you want to buy at one time.  You don’t need to use them all at once. This just allows you to save money if you know you will be needing to post more jobs in the future. The benefit to Monster is that it’s a site most job seekers know of and have used in the past. The bulk job posting prices don’t hurt, either.


What job sites do you use to find the most responses and the best employees? Let us know in the comments!