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Every summer about this time moms go online, turning to social media for ways to escape the summer heat that don’t include mindlessly staring at a screen. San Antonio in August produces thermometer-breaking temps, but underground, it’s a constant 70 degrees. And, lucky for us, the largest cave in Texas is located right here in our backyard: Natural Bridge Caverns. Just 30 minutes north of the River Walk, head 180 feet below ground with your family to beat the heat and fit in one last summer adventure. 

Natural Bridge Caverns

The History

In March of 1960, four St. Mary’s University students discovered the largest cave in Texas, underneath what would become its namesake: a natural limestone bridge. After making their way through a rubble-filled crawlway followed by two miles of vast cavern passages, they returned to the surface to tell the landowners of their astonishing discovery. Realizing the possibilities, the owners decided to develop what is now the first half-mile of today’s Discovery Tour at Natural Bridge Caverns.

Natural Bridge Caverns

(Photo Credit: Orion Knox)

On July 3, 1964, Natural Bridge Caverns opened and soon became one of the most treasured natural attractions in Texas, offering adventure for the whole family. It became a registered U.S. natural landmark in 1971.

Natural Bridge Caverns 


The Discovery Tour goes 180 feet below ground (the equivalent of an 18-story building) and introduces guests to a world of natural beauty. Natural Bridge Caverns is constantly growing, as tiny drops of water and the slow passage of time form massive, otherworldly formations. These formations retain a luster that is seen in few caverns. Appearing to be made of wax, they are actually as hard as limestone, and change from room to room.

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio, Texas

While you’re on the tour, guides detail the variety of speleothems or formations that appear, from stalagmites and stalactites to soda straws and flowstones, allowing science to come to life.

More To Explore

To make your Natural Bridge Caverns’ adventure into a complete day trip, check out all of the above-ground favorites below!

The Canopy Challenge Zip Lines allows you to snap into a harness and fly high across the landscape of the Texas Hill Country. If you like testing your balance and want to channel your inner adrenaline junkie, you can visit the Canopy Challenge Explorer Course, with 30 minutes to grapple your way to the top of a 60-foot, four-tier ropes course.

Natural Bridge Caverns Canopy Challenge 

A different sort of adventure awaits at ground level, in the AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup, where twists and turns through a 5,000-square foot outdoor, timed maze present endless fun. Navigational skills are challenged to hit each checkpoint and find the way out! And you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Mining Company for some good old-fashioned fun, where mining for gems, fossils and other treasures is just like when miners panned for gold. After all your adventures, relax, shop and enjoy refreshments in Discovery Village.

If you’ve visited Natural Bridge Caverns be sure to comment below and share your favorite memory from the caverns!

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