quick, easy, and healthy breakfasts for back to school kids will love

Each school morning, I sound like a boring, broken record to my kids: “Eat! Eat your breakfast. Please, eat your fruit! You’ve got to have fuel for your brain. You have to eat something. JUST EAT!!!”

Does my ranting make a difference? Do my kids respond by gleefully gobbling up their morning meal? Not usually.

With the new school year just a week away, I need an arsenal of quick, healthy breakfast foods my kids will eat simply because they are tasty, interesting, and different and not because I’m bugging them. I’d love to spend our early (way too early!) school mornings with my mouth shut (and theirs too, what with all the breakfast goodness they’ll be enjoying).

I turned to the awesome folks who follow San Antonio Mom Blogs on Facebook to pose the question:

Suggestions for kid-loved, healthy, quick breakfast meals?

The question generated LOTS of great responses by San Antonio moms who are much more creative than I am when it comes to fast, healthy breakfasts kids love. I’m filing these away to use all school-year long!

Stacy N.: Hard boil eggs and cut up some fruit the night before.

Inga Cotton with San Antonio Charter Moms: My son’s favorite breakfast is POPCORN!

Angie C.: Yogurt “parfaits:” cups with yogurt and fruit.

Heather Hernandez with GeeketteBits: Trader Joe’s yogurt sticks and their steamed dumplings (five minutes to steam from frozen!)

Pamela Price with How to Work and Homeschool and Red, White, and Grew: I love mini pizzas for breakfast–and other fave “non-breakfast” options.

Shari Biediger with Small Things: I’ve got a non-breakfast eater but she likes pretzels in the morning. In a ziplock bag. I feel I must add that the precooked bacon at HEB is worth every extra penny.

Pam H. You can make oatmeal (using steel cut oats) in the crockpot overnight. You wake up to a hot breakfast. Add fruit, nuts, or whatever, and eat.

Jen Hatton with Hatton Family Adventures: I have a kiddo who will eat pretzel rods dipped in a peanut butter or sunflower butter and honey mix. And, muffins made with coconut oil are healthy and easy to take on the go!

Michelle Hernandez with Family Love in My City: We also like waffles with fresh fruit or hard boiled eggs, and ALWAYS Mootopia milk. It has lots of protein and vitamins and it’s lactose free.

Jenifer H.: Our favorite is whole wheat waffle sticks. They contain honey and cinnamon, so we don’t find syrup necessary. I make a big batch & freeze them.

The Gray Matters: My kiddo loves smooties! You can add that in with just about anything.

Laura Lorek with Silicon Hills News: I take a cookie cutter, place it in a skillet on medium heat, spray nonstick spray and crack an egg into it, stir egg with a knife. flip it. Toast an english muffin add cheese, then the cooked egg and, viola, a homemade egg sandwich.

Got more wonderful breakfast ideas for kids we can all use? Please share them in the comments!

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