drive inThe drive-in theatre in Schertz, Texas is showing an Anthony Michael Hall film festival over the next few weeks. During the coronavirus, the desire for entertainment has increased. However, the ability to create entertainment that is fun, safe, and still engaging is an ever-changing endeavor that can be challenging. Drive-in theatres have become a safe and fun popular activity for families and friends to partake in during the coronavirus.

EVO-Drive-In experience plans t hold an Anthony Michael Hall film festival on the weekends for the next month. Anthony Michael Hall’s Summer Drive-In Film Festival began in July and last until early August. The film festival launches at a perfect time as many around the hill country are searching for fun and safe activities to partake in.

Hall will also engage in a question and answer time with drive-in visitors after the screenings are over. He will also be there with other special guests like Kelly LeBrock and actor James Jude Courtney. The festival will feature some classic films that Hall is well known for such like the Breakfast Club, Weird Science and 16 Candles.

Each evening that movies are screening will be a double-feature night of two of Hall’s many classic films. Listed below is the film schedule.

  • July 17: John Hughes Comedy Classics #1 – Weird Science/16 Candles with special guest Kelly LeBrock
  • July 24: John Hughes Comedy Classics #2 – The Breakfast Club/National Lampoons Vacation
  • July 31: Halloween in July – Halloween 1978/Halloween 2018 with special guest James Jude Courtney
  • August 7: The Iconic Duo – Hail Caesar/Johnny Be Good

While screenings are in progress, guests will also have the opportunity to purchase food, drinks, and other things through EVO’s mobile application. If you’re an Anthony Michael Hall fan or are looking for something fun and unique to do as a quarantine weekend activity, consider heading into Schertz, Texas to enjoy a night of food, movies, and socially distant entertainment and fun.