animal shelter helpThe Animal Defense League or (ADL) is the oldest no-kill shelter in San Antonio. The shelter is continually growing and is now the second-largest animal rescue operation. ADL is projected within the next year to be the largest shelter in San Antonio.

Unfortunately, they are one of the many businesses that have been negatively affected by COVID-19. With the rise and spread of the virus, the animal shelter was forced to cancel its biggest fundraising event of the year. This annual fundraiser brings in upwards of $150,000 in donations and the animal shelter is in desperate need of funds. So, they’ve created a new one: Animal Defense League Fundraising Challenge.

The Donation Challenge

Thankfully, the KSAT Community and the Animal Defense Lague of Texas have decided to partner and create a fun and interactive fundraising challenge. The KSAT Community-Animal Defense league 100 Facebook Fundraising Challenge will help San Antonio’s no-kill shelter to continue its operation of rescuing and rehoming animals across the San Antonio area.¬†The ADL is asking the San Antonio community to use Facebook as a platform to help raise money by creating sharing a personal story of how an animal has changed their life. The competition begins on March 27 and will end on May 1. ADL hopes to have at least 100 individuals that will sign up for the Facebook Challenge.

The Reward

Aside from the great feeling of knowing that you’re helping animals in need, the person who raises the most funds with ADL named as the beneficiary will be awarded a VIP experience at ADL’S annual Gala. This prize includes two seats at the honoree’s table, a gift package, complimentary dinner, valet parking, and more!

Don’t Have a Facebook?

It’s okay! The ADL still wants your participation. You can join the $10 Challenge. By visiting and clicking on the $10 challenge button, you can donate. If every person who visits ADL’s website donated $10, the shelter would have enough funding to continue

The ADL $10 Challenge is another fun and easy way our community can participate by visiting and click on the $10 challenge button. If every site visitor donated, the ADL could continue running through the year.