Planning on spending time outside this weekend? Well, you might want to listen to this. The National Weather Service is issuing a San Antonio Heat Advisory. Temperatures Thursday and Friday could reach 103 degrees, and potentially top out at 104 Saturday and Sunday, making it the hottest of the year.

Today, heat indexes could be as high as 108 degrees. This could be the highest heat index for the weekend.

Hopefully, this will be the peak of the heat, as temperatures are expected to dip back down into the 90s after Monday.

With all this in mind, we have a few recommendations for your weekend:

  • If you plan on spending time outside, do it early. The mornings may still be nice, but you can expect the evenings to remain hot.
  • Stay hydrated! If you’re feeling thirst, you’re already experiencing at least mild dehydration.
  • Bring the pets inside. They can suffer devastating effects from the heat.

Stay safe!