Alamo Church is reopening on Thursday, September 3rd after a lengthy closure because of the coronavirus. There are many churches across the nation that have been faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to reopen and allow their congregation to reenter the physical establishment. Alamo Church has decided that they will employ a timed reservation system to reopen and allow church-going folk to enter the building while also prioritizing the health and safety of its guests.

Alamo Church CEO Doug McDonald comments that “With this new ticketing system, visitors can once again experience the awe-inspiring feeling of being inside the Alamo Church. We hope that visitors remember that because of the nature of this pandemic, our new procedures like timed ticketing are fluid and may evolve as required to protect our staff and the public.”

Free tickets to enter the church can be reserved at the Alamo’s website. They are allowing up to 50 people at one time to be inside and each group will have 30 minutes to tour the church grounds. The alamo grounds are still open for visitors and tickets are not required. The alamo church also plans to enforce mask-wearing and a social distancing policy to ensure the health and safety of its visitors.

As the city of San Antonio continues in the ritualistic process of trying to exist within the pandemic while also keeping people safe, almost every business model or corporate meeting place has had to adjust their policies. Some restaurants are delivering food while others have constructed drive-thrus. Many nonprofit and religious organizations have either chosen a hybrid form of church, a virtual form, or one that limits the number of guests at each service. Hopefully, the reopening of the Alamo Church will serve to encourage San Antonio residents with a semblance of normalcy while also keeping them healthy and protected.