Summer, Day 1, arrived without great fanfare. The kids still got up at the crack of dawn. Breakfast was relatively unceremonious. My sister, a teacher who has one more day of work before her vacation begins, dropped off my niece for the day.

The three kids spent the morning entertaining themselves in and out of the house, letting me catch up on a little work. They were cute, creative, and self-sufficient in their play. And then, it happened. CHAOS. Three is a tough number for togetherness. Two tend to gang up on one, in varying patterns and degrees.

The fights, shouting, and tears were enough to halt what had been a pretty decent day in its tracks. So I did the only thing a modern mother can in these situations: I turned to Pinterest.

On my trusty Summer Plans with the Kids board, I found our salvation. A Nature Scavenger Hunt (original post about it by The Taylor House). With a great park nearby, it was the perfect thing to get the kids out of the house and relieve them of their silly fights. I printed off three scavenger hunt lists, wrote their names on three paper sacks and we were off.

Texas nature walk & scavenger hunt  #samoms

We spied a prickly cactus on our nature walk

Nature scavenger hunt inspired by Pintetest

Create your own list based on where you're scavenging

Nature scavenger hunt inspired by a pin on Pinterest #samoms

Cross off the scavenger hunt items you find

Nature scavenger hunt inspired by Pinterest

Survey your loot and return (some of) it to Nature

The scavenger hunt was just what we needed to get out of the house and to get everyone to work together. We had a blast, until the rain started, that is. But, after last summer, rain is more than welcome ’round these parts. We danced our little rain dance jig and headed home.

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