Children Safe Summer

For many families, summer can be the most enjoyable time of year. The kids are on break from school, and fun family activities are in abundance. Many families use summer as a time to play sports, take family trips, and enjoy other fun activities. Unfortunately, the rate of childhood injuries also goes up during the summer, as children are exposed to more risky activities during the summer months. Here are a few ways that you can make sure your children stay safe and happy this summer.


Make sure everyone is wearing sunscreen.

Sunburns can be very painful and put a damper on any fun event. Sun exposure can also cause health issues down the road, such as skin cancer. Before you and your kiddos hit the beach or park, make sure everyone is wearing at least 35 SPF. And don’t just apply and forget about it. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every three hours to be most effective, and if you and your kids are in the water, it should be reapplied every hour or so.


Keep everyone hydrated.

Many children suffer from dehydration during the summer months every year. Dehydration can occur quickly when children are involved in outdoor activities during the hotter months. Make sure your children are drinking plenty of fluids during outdoor activities. This is even more important if they are participating in difficult outdoor exercise, such as team sports or long hikes.


Know the signs of heat exhaustion.

Heat stroke cases always spike during the summer months, particularly in children. In order to avoid heat stroke, it is important to watch for the signs of heat exhaustion in your children, such as dizziness and cramps. If you notice any of these symptoms, get your child some hydrating fluids with electrolytes and have them rest for a while in a cool area.


Be careful around water.

Drowning is the top cause of death for very young children in the US, and the majority of child drowning deaths occur in June, July, and August. Most of these deaths occur in backyard pools. Drowning can happen in the blink of an eye, so it is important to monitor young children around any body of water. If you have a pool, make sure you keep it covered when it is not use. When you’re around pools, lakes, or other water bodies, make sure you have your children within sight at all times.


Invest in proper safety gear.

One of the top causes of childhood injuries during the summer is sports injuries. One of the top ways that you can protect your children during the summer is to make sure they are wearing proper safety gear for all of their activities. Things like knee pads, helmets, etc. can keep your child safe while they are engaging in activities such as biking and team sports. Safety gear can prevent anything from minor scrapes to major injuries, such as concussions.


Be safe during family road trips.

Car crashes are another top cause of injuries and deaths among children in the US. IF you’re planning on taking a family road trip this summer, make sure that you are doing it safely. Get your car checked by a mechanic before you leave, and make sure you know your route before you leave. Follow the rules of the road and avoid distracted or drowsy driving. Additionally, make sure that young children have the proper car seat for their age and height. Many people don’t know that many child injuries and fatalities each year could be prevented by proper car seat use. Make sure your child has the correct seat and make sure he or she is properly buckled in before you start driving.


These are just a few ways to keep your children safer this summer. With these tips, you can relax, knowing that your children can enjoy the summer months with a much lower chance of injury.