audio workout

Sure gyms are reopening, but are you really ready for that? If not, we have a great (and way cheaper) solution – audio-based workouts with the Aaptiv app. In fact, you can try them free for 7 days!

What Is Aaptiv?

Aaptive is an app-based audio workout subscription service. It features countless workouts by a variety of top-notch instructors ranging from beginner to advanced. There are short workouts, long workouts, yoga, strength, running, cycling, and more. It’s insanely customizable.

In fact, when you sign up, it walks you through a questionnaire to help you set preferences and set up your workout plan to meet your individual goals. You can even set your own music for the workouts. You really have to try it to see what we mean.

How Much Does Aaptiv Cost?

Your first 7 days of Aaptiv is free with no commitment. After that, you have a choice of a monthly membership with no contract for $14.99 a month or an annual membership for only $99.99 a year. Obviously, you save big if you sign up a year. However, you also have to pay upfront for the entire year. So really it comes down to savings vs. flexibility. Whatever the case, we recommend you try it out free first before deciding!

Or, if you choose to forego the free trial, Aaptiv is offering you 50% off an annual membership – so only $49.99 for an entire year. That’s some crazy options!

Why Aaptiv?

There are several reasons to try Aaptiv:

  • It’s cheap compared to a gym
  • You don’t have to be locked into a contract
  • You can workout wherever you want
  • You can customize for your own goals
  • There’s huge variety

Of course, some people might prefer actually seeing the trainer. So if that’s you, we recommend you trying a video streaming workout like Beachbody on Demand (review here). But all in all, we love these workouts. So give them a shot!