There are over 80 mom-related blogs in San Antonio. But there are tons of great non-mom blogs written by San Antonians too. Here are five you won’t want to miss:

An Average Joe in San Antonio
Think you know San Antonio? Then you don’t know Joe. Every time I read this blog I learn something new, particularly about where I should be dining in town. Average Joe’s love for the Alamo City shines through every post.

Oh My Puddin’
Focused primarily on restaurant reviews and recipes, Lauren also writes about the dinner club to which she and her husband belong (I’m jealous. Gourmet prepared dinners with friends every other week? Sign me up!) as well as the occasional non-food-related posts like, “The Time I Got that Brazilian Wax.” Yeah, definitely not (thankfully!) food-related, but funny as all get out. BTW, I will NOT EVER be getting a Brazilian. Thanks, Lauren.

Monica Wants It
And she makes me want it too, whatever the “it” happens to be (a cool beauty product, the hottest tech tools, frozen yogurt bars, jewelry…). Monica’s blog is easily one of the prettiest lifestyle blogs in town. But, although her product reviews and cool DIY style projects draw you in, it’s her bright, bold personality and her honesty about her struggles to lose weight that make you stick around.

Alligators and Things
Molly’s a relatively new blogger but, like most of us, she’s probably been blogging in her head for years. Lucky for us she finally logged into wordpress to park her thoughts and we get to watch. Whether she’s cussing with grandma, getting hit on by an overly perky juice lover while running, or putting a name and a face on LBGT and human rights, she’ll have you laughing, or get you thinking and, in many cases, you’ll be doing both.

Twirl Reviews
A tween blogger? In San Antonio? You bet! And she makes the future of the blogosphere look very promising, indeed. Twirl’s been blogging for a year now about beauty products, food and recipes, DIY fashion, and more. She’s currently attending BlogHer in New York and sharing what she finds there along the way. Have your kids give her a follow and, better yet, follow her yourself for some cool nail polish tips, yummy baking recipes, and a fresh, tween/teen perspective.