We’re busy people, us moms. So you want your info to be quick and dirty (Or, maybe, quick and clean? Because who wants “dirty” info? This is a family site, people!).

Here are 5 Cool Things San Antonio moms need to know about this week:

a mom blog by Stephanie Smith in San Antonio, Texas, about motherhood, work and fitness1. Check out new San Antonio Mom Blog: Blood, Sweat, and Minivans. Local photographer and mom Stephanie Smith shares her struggles with juggling motherhood, work, and fitness. I can relate. With the motherhood and work part. I don’t struggle with the fitness part at all because, well, I haven’t figured out a way to fit it into my busy life on a regular basis. Which is bad because I’m a busy, stressed-out, 40-something mom who needs (desperately) to exercise and who also wishes to avoid having “Just a Little Heart Attack” (did you see this on GoRed Day? Total relatable, unfortunately. And hat tip to Pamela Price for sharing it on her Red, White, and Grew Facebook Page – did you know Pamela’s blog is up for a Bloggie? Don’t forget to vote!). Guess I’d better take my own advice to head over to Stephanie’s blog now for some fitness encouragement and inspiration.

youth orchestras of san antonio 5k 10k2. Speaking of fitness what could be lovelier than running or walking a 5k / 10k with some classical tunes to keep you going smoothly? On March 24, YOSA (Youth Orchestras of San Antonio) hosts their YOSA Beethoven 5k/10k in Alamo Heights. 100% of the profits from this event go toward supporting the youth in YOSA’s programs. Those same talented kids will provide your playlist for the event as they perform Beethoven pieces and classical versions of popular songs along the route. And, if you’re prone to enjoying that often-sought-after runners high, Ode to Joy may now offer an entirely new meaning.

san antonio mommy blogs3. You’re on Pinterest, right? Say yes, say yes, say yes! San Antonio mom bloggers already have a great presence on the site and to help our blogs and posts get even more attention there’s now a San Antonio Mom Blogs group board on Pinterest. Contributors can share their own blog posts and the posts by other mom and parenting bloggers they love. I’ve invited 16 San Antonio mom bloggers who are on Pinterest to contribute to this board. If you’re not a contributor yet and would like to be, leave a note in the comments so I can follow you on Pinterest and add you to our group board. Let’s give San Antonio mom blogs a big Pinterest boost!

trade in your high chairs, strollers, cribs to get 25% off purchase of same items4. Are you ready to replace that old highchair that’s lasted you through three kids but definitely won’t handle another? Maybe your stroller is a bit worse for the wear? Or maybe your car seat expired (unfortunately hey do that, you know)? Did you know that Babies R Us is holding their Great Trade In event through February 20? Bring in your car seat, stroller, high chair, travel system, infant swing, entertainer, play yard, bassinet, bouncer, crib, or kid’s bed to any participating Babies R Us and trade it in for a coupon towards 25% off from anything in any of those categories. Using this program twice in the past, our family has saved a total of $150 on the purchase of Britax car seats which, as you know, are highly rated and almost never go on sale. Check out all the details on the Babies R Us Great Trade In program and save some money, honey.

5. The San Antonio #foodiemamas are at it again! This time we’re gathering to feast from food trucks at The Boardwalk at Bulverde on Saturday, February 11, from noon to 3:00 p.m. Families are welcome. Along with tantalizing culinary creations, there are picnic tables, a sandbox, and a playground for the little ones. Want to join in the fun? Just RSVP at #foodiemamas food truck extravaganza.