Five more San Antonio mom blogsMy list of San Antonio mom blogs is by no means exhaustive because, to my delight, I discover more great blogs to add each month. Recently I found five—yes, FIVE—San Antonio mom blogs I hadn’t read before. And if you haven’t been reading them either, you’ll definitely want to start now. Here’s why:

styleberry BLOG
I learned about Shawna‘s blog from a fellow soccer mom at my daughter’s practice (thanks, Danielle!). styleberry BLOG showcases Shawna’s talent for design and photography as well as her passionate love for her daughter and all things DIY. Don’t miss her post on creating beautiful, yet inexpensive, lite-brite-like canvas art.

Mean Baby
I think I came across Mean Baby on Twitter originally. But, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the name is too cool to forget. Mean Baby is a one-stop concierge for the first time expectant mom who’s got a case of the baby nerves and would like some stylish guidance through pregnancy and beyond. Like Shawna at styleberry BLOG, Megan (the blogger behind Mean Baby) is also a photographer and an awesome DIY’er (These ladies put me to shame in the DIY dept., yo.). I love her Ribbon Tree project.

Free Fun in SA
Sarah Owens is the mom behind Free Fun in SA and she loves to keep busy moms (and dads and anyone, really) up to speed on the fun, inexpensive, and sometimes free events the Alamo city has to offer. Her site is modeled after Heidi Golub’s popular site, Free Fun in Austin. With San Antonio being the seventh largest city in the U.S. (What?! Yes! It’s true.) there are tons of great family-friendly things to do but we can’t enjoy them if we don’t know about them. Bookmark Free Fun in SA and you won’t miss any of the fun.

San Antonio mom bloggersDiary of an Ex-Foodie
Neven always makes me smile when I see her. And it’s not just because she knows good wine and she’s not afraid to share it. She’s also an ex-foodie which, to a carnivore of the highest order like me, is fascinating. Until I met Neven I didn’t know what an ex-foodie was (What?! You don’t eat? But ya gotta eat!). Neven graciously explained to me that while she used to be a total foodie, she now chooses to live a mostly raw diet. Through her posts at Ex-foodie Neven describes what it’s like living with omnivores and she also offers wonderful advice about how we can all eat healthy foods no matter where we are.

maker mama
I found Amy recently via Twitter too (What? You’re not on Twitter? It’s where all the cool moms are. Well, that and Pinterest. And Instagram. And…). Like Shawna and Megan, Amy is crafty and she knows it (Hmmm. No more lame song references. Promise.). She’s also a mom to four cute kids with even cuter names. I love maker mama and other beautiful DIY blogs like it because they inspire me to do cool things. Or, rather, they inspire me to look at other people making cool things. The only thing I know how to make is a glass of chardonnay disappear. Check out Amy’s awesome mini-bat mask DIY post. If I trusted myself with a craft knife I might attempt it. My kids are hopeful but those who know me are deeply concerned.