photo credit: SXC

For some of us, our kids are already back at school. For others, school’s first day is just around the corner. And, for homeschoolers, school may have been going on all summer long.

But whatever our various education situations, we can all use some cool tips for back-to-school shopping and preparation. Here are my five favorites (three are from San Antonio mom blogs!):

1. Amy, who writes at San Antonio mom blog shares her tips for Back to School Thrifting. I’m one of those people who’ve never had luck in second-hand shops. But, with Amy’s help, I’m excited to give it another try.

2. Stacy, who blogs at San Antonio mom blog, saved over $500 on back-to-school stuff for her kids. Her six ways to save are going on my annual Get Ready for School list (OK, so I’m not that organized and I don’t have that list created…YET. But Stacy inspired me to create one. SOON.).

3. Sarah, who writes for San Antonio mom blog, created a helpful post listing great back-to-school promotions that benefit teachers, schools, and you!

4. This post by may just cure our early (and I do mean EARLY – like 6:00 a.m. early) morning struggles. Instead of screaming, “Eat your breakfast!” eleventy billion times or, “Brush your teeth. YES. Your TEETH. You know, the ones you brush EVERY SINGLE DAY.” or “Shoes! Where are your shoes? WHERE ARE THEY? Why can’t we ever find your shoes???” I’m going to print copies of this cute and colorful checklist of our expected morning activities. My kids love checking things off. And anything that can streamline our ridiculously hectic morning routine will be a Godsend.

5. What’s back-to-school without helpful lunch-packing ideas? Family Fresh Cooking’s post guides us through 30 days of healthy lunches for our kids and ourselves. No more lunch rut. What’s not to love?

For more wonderful back-to-school resources, follow my Back to School Pinterest board.