Bills You're Spending Too Much On

Many people spend too much money paying monthly bills. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get out of paying monthly bills. Whether it’s electricity, phone bills, or a car payment, monthly bills are an inescapable necessary evil. If you’re constructing a monthly budget and realize you’re spending more than you’d like to on monthly bills, you’re not alone.

If you’re spending too much money paying monthly bills, this list of 5 bills that you’re spending way too much money on may be able to help.

  1. Cable:  Did you know that for many families, cable subscription fees equal the price of all their other bills combined? And did you also know that even without live sports during the pandemic, you’re paying regional sports fees like it or not? Oh, and you’re also paying for broadcast channels available for free with an antenna – yeesh. We recommend cutting the cord on cable. Still need live TV? Get it for a fraction of the price with a service like fuboTV (free trial). There’s no contract, so you can cancel whenever.
  2. Insurance for Vehicle, Home, or Rent: Have you considered bundling your insurance bills? We recommend you do a little shopping around for competitive prices. If you’re working with multiple insurance companies, you should probably consider bundling with a single carrier. Often, paying one company to cover multiple insurance needs will be cheaper.
  3. Entertainment: Many people don’t realize that their entertainment is adding up and becoming too expensive. Whether it’s the movies, a concert, or exploring a local museum, the costs can get expensive. Searching for low-cost events and finding deals on movies or tickets is a sure-fire way to help you decrease your entertainment spending.
  4. Cell Phone Bill: Often, your family’s, cell phone bill is through the roof. If you have a family of four, your bill could easily hit $200. But luckily, there are carriers out there that offer cheaper plans than the big companies, but still utilize their networks – services like Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk offers top level service starting at as little as $30 a month. If you’re looking to cut down your cell phone expenses, this is an easy way to go.
  5. Food: We all know how this goes. We have to have food to survive, duh. But often times when people look at their monthly budget, costs of food are far higher than people would prefer. That’s because most times, we aren’t grocery shopping and cooking at home like we should. It takes more time, but the money saved when you grocery shop once a week instead of buying 3-4 fast food meals or paying for dinner from a restaurant is significant. Make your shopping list, find the nearest produce stand, and budget.

How do you go about saving on your monthly bills? Share with other readers in the comments section below!