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One year ago this week, I decided to get to know my fellow San Antonio mom bloggers better. Some I’d already met in person, but as the list of local mom bloggers grew, I found myself wanting to know more of them (and wanting to learn even more about those bloggers I had met).

I started by selecting a Fan of the Week from the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page and asking that fan/blogger five questions which I published, along with her answers, a photo, and links to all of her social networks, in a post at the end of every week. Well, almost every week. I’m not known for my math prowess but, with 52 weeks in a year, even I can figure out (quickly, no less!) that I skipped a few weeks here and there.

Nearly one year later, the result is a collection of 35 blog posts showcasing some of San Antonio’s most creative, talented, ambitious, and successful bloggers. The topics they’re blogging about (parenting, lifestyle, technology, education, dual language, culture, food, fashion, travel, deals, photography, fitness, health, animals, crafts, design, pop culture, San Antonio, and more) are as fascinating and varied as their backgrounds. But what these bloggers have in common is their love for family and their passion for sharing information and experiences.

If you haven’t read these 35 features yet, I urge you to do so. You’ll be inspired by and, in many cases, surprised at what these bloggers reveal. And you’ll come away with a renewed appreciation for your fellow bloggers and the work they’re doing.

If you’re a San Antonio mom blogger and you’d like to be featured here on San Antonio Mom Blogs among this prestigious group of bloggers, get involved on the San Antonio Mom Blogs’ Facebook page. Every week (almost every week!) I’m looking for new mom bloggers to feature. I’d love to share your story next.

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