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Two San Antonio bakeries have made a national list of 100 best delicious desserts. Bakery Lorraine and La Panaderia have received recognition on Food and Wine’s 100 Best Bakeries in America list. The dessert pan dulce has also received attention.

Food and Wine Magazine listed two San Antonio bakeries, Bakery Lorraine and La Panaderia, among the best bakeries in the U.S. They also mentioned another local favorite sweet treat, pan dulce. San Antonio has been well known for delicious bakeries and sweet treats. Some of the best small bakeries can be found in the San Antonio hill country area. Locals know the places well and occasionally they will receive national attention.

Bakery Lorraine received honors for  “excellent pastry work”. The magazine also suggested that patrons try the tarts, macarons, or “one of the best croissants in Texas.” Bakery Lorraine has always had an excellent reputation for producing delicious and beautiful pastries.

La Panaderia was named one of the best places for pan dulce. Pan dulce is a delicious kind of Mexican sweet bread that is often eaten for breakfast. San Antonio is home to many bakeries that make pan dulce well, but La Panaderia is one of the best. The bakery received attention for its “high-quality ingredients” which make “some of the best [pan dulce] this side of those fancy new Mexico City panaderias.”

Two San Antonio bakeries have made a national list and the city of San Antonio is proud. The magazine, which released its “100 Best Bakeries in America” list on May 4th, names four Texas locations:

  • Bakery Lorraine – San Antonio
  • La Panaderia – San Antonio
  • Sour Duck Market – Austin
  • ThoroughBread – Austin

Food and Wine Magazine’s 100 Best Bakeries in America list names places all over the nation that are highly ranked and serve delicious treats. The magazine also mentions many tasty treats that “have seen entire civilizations through their share of dark times,” including “that cascade of sugar crust as you bite into the perfect concha.”