As of May 1, the first phase of Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to reopen Texas will begin. Restaurants are of the first businesses allowed to reopen with restrictions during the first phase.

Not sure if you want to visit a restaurant opening for dine-in? Let’s take a look at the guidelines the governor’s report outlined for restaurants.

  1. Restaurants must limit occupancy to 25%.
  2. Parties must maintain 6 feet of social distancing from all other parties.
  3. Tables may not contain more than six people.
  4. Condiments, silverware, flatware, glassware, or other traditional table top items may not be left on unoccupied tables
  5. Condiments should only be provided on request, and should be single use (non-reusable).
  6. Menus should be single use and disposable.
  7. Buffets must be served by employees.
  8. Restaurants “should consider” appointing an employee to open doors.
  9. Dining surfaces must be disinfected after each group leaves.
  10. Bathrooms must be cleaned regularly and documentation kept.
  11. Bathrooms must be sanitized each day.

As for patrons, they must practice social distancing and encouraged to wear masks. However, according to the governor, masks are encouraged but are not mandated. However, it seems that businesses will be able to refuse service to those not wearing masks if they so choose.