Bexar County is giving away free boxes of 100 face masks for small businesses throughout the area. As coronavirus cases continue to spike in the Austin, San Antonio areas and in between, the county is stepping in to encourage and equip small business owners to make safety first priority.

The ever-shifting and consistently delicate balance of safety and operation in the middle of the global pandemic is always challenging. Bexar County believes that the best way for commercial entities in Bexar County to remain protected from disease and still working is through this program. More than 1 million face coverings are available.

You can register your small business for 100 free face masks here Masks are only available by pre-registering and all commercial entities in Bexar County that provide goods or services directly to the public are eligible to pre-register for free face masks. After you register your small business for 100 free face masks, you will receive a confirmation email.

Distributing face masks to those who have registered will take place on June 24th at Freeman Coliseum, which is a sports venue in San Antonio Texas. There will also be another distribution event at the Public Library Bibliotech South on June 27th. Business owners will be required to show a copy of their confirmation email before picking up face masks.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff explains that “No business should have to turn away a customer for not having a facial covering. Distributing these masks will not only help to prevent community spread COVID-19 cases but will alleviate some of the pressures our business community faces while trying to reopen safely and caring for their staff members.”

Bexar County is hopeful that by providing the county with the encouragement and resources to keep their customers and employees safe, hopefully, cases of COVID-19 will dwindle.