kids, education, crafts, painting with kidsThis week at Casa Pence we’re celebrating 100 Days of School. My six-year-old daughter wanted to create an art project using 100 pieces of macaroni but, in my expert pasta opinion, elbow macaroni is a completely overrated pasta in children’s art (Am I wrong? Um, no.). So I delicately suggested we do something cool with spaghetti instead. You would’ve thought I gifted her a cell phone from the way she beamed at me. “Mom. That is seriously the coolest thing you’ve ever said.” Really? I thought my 30-minute monologue on the merits of the music of Hall & Oates was much cooler (she didn’t) but, I digress.

We used Crayola Washable Paint to paint each piece of spaghetti then we let it dry on newspaper before carefully removing it and sticking it in a cup for safekeeping. Tomorrow we’ll figure out what to do with it next. Ideas include gluing it to a piece of paper or, well, something much cooler than that. My rep’s on the line here people so, P.S. – Ideas welcome.