online learning

Adjusting to life at home can be immensely difficult for students and their parents. With the shut down or school and other educational institutions, students have to find resources online to keep learning. Luckily some institutions and businesses have created virtual resources for everyone to stay engaged at home.

Here’s a list of all the educational resources you can find to stay active at home!

#1 Spurs Sports Academy

Spurs Sports Academy has partnered with a software company known as Ballogy Inc. has launched a new way for coaches and athletes to stay active. The new feature is in the Ballogy App and encourages coaches and young athletes to compete at home by playing basketball. The app lets users play basketball at home and compete online with other users.

You can download the Ballogy App for free on the App Store and Google Play.

#2 San Antonio Water System

SAWS created a virtual system for students to learn about water’s important role in society. The resources teach kids the importance of civic responsibility and science. The activities include presentations, service opportunities, and field investigations for students to be engaged at home. They are free and are modified for each age from K-12.

You can access the digital educational resources at this link.

#3 SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is pitching in to help families at home by offering virtual learning activities for all students. Parents, teachers, and students can access a multitude of activities including animal information books, teachers’ guides, animal bytes, classroom activities, and the Saving a Species video series.

You can access all of these materials through the website.

#4 San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture

April is National Poetry Moth and the Department of Arts & Culture is offering ways to celebrate. The Department has partnered with the 2020-2022 San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson to share poetry with the community. They are celebrating the literary art with dozens of events taking place around the city.

To find all the events taking place, you can find a list online.

#5 McNay Art Museum

The McNay had to close its doors to the public with the pandemic. But the museum has dedicated online resources to keep kids educated about STEAM subjects at home. The website offers virtual tours with a list of questions about featured artworks and STEAM lesson plans.

You can find the museum’s #McNayFromHome activities at their website on the family page.

#6 DoSeum

The DoSeum is a popular destination for many families. The children’s museum allows kids to have hands-on activities to learn about science. But with the doors shut, they have created online resources to keep learning at home. The activities on their website include Storytime, Ask a Doer, Health and Wellness, and DIY Activities.

You can check the DoSeum’s Facebook page for the latest updates and find the activities at their website.

#7 The Magik Theatre

This performance arts theatre specializes in teaching kids all about performance arts. The staff at the theatre have created online resources for families to go on adventures in the comfort of their own home! The activities include fun Madlibs to learn about their actors, storytelling with Pirate Pete, or a yoga session with Magik Maker Natalie.

You can find all of the events following the Magik Theatre’s social media on Facebook and Instagram to know when the events are live.

#8 San Antonio Museum of Art

This museum created virtual resources for your tikes to learn. There are three different lesson plans available on math, social studies, science, and art. All of the plans include art projects and discussion topics.

You can find all the resources on their website at the Educator’s downloadable page and an art-centered storytime on their Facebook page.

#9 BiblioTech

BiblioTech has oline resources with different levels of reading material on its cloudLibrary shelves. You can even find materials and ebooks in Spanish! With the increased need of Internet, all hotspots that are currently in circulation are reactivated for two weeks. There is also a plan for curbside check in and check out at BiblioTech branches for kindles and hotpots under review to be implemented. BiblioTech has also expanded online chat hours from noon to midnight on Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Registration is free for all Bexar County residents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week online here.

#10 San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo has made live events available online for families. Their media page includes animal chats, live webcam footage of jellyfish, Zen Zoo yoga, and Nature Education/”Zoo-It-Yourself” videos.

You can find the live videos for yoga and animal chats at their Facebook page and the other activities at he zoo’s new media page.